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The Federation Hall Society

The year 1905 was one of the memorable years in the history of Bengal in particular and India in general. Hitherto, the Indian political movements were mainly based in a liberal viewed platform, the leadership was accustomed to approach the alien government for mitigating their political, educational and other important grievances in a ‘Begger’s Bowl’ by submitting moderately drafted application and supplication instead of a bold, assertive and active action demanding their rightful claims. But like a proverbial magical touch, the whole of atmosphere of the country changed, the pessimistic nature and ‘Jo Huzur’ approach of the leaders suddenly also changed their orientation from passive to active, not to pray but to demand.

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Present Committee

Justice Shyamal Kumar Sen


The Federation hall Society is a Mission to Fulfill. The soul of India is made of a composite culture, the keynote of which says, “Udara Charitanam, Vasudhaibha Kutumbakam” ( to a nable soul the whole human race is in blood relation). The real culture of India enriches the mind, elevates the spirits and enables the hearts. That’s why The Federation Hall echoes the prayer of Poet tagore-“Let the Bengal’s hand give more strength to India’s hand and let message of Bengal makes fruitful the voice of India”

Bimal C. Ray


Haraprasad Chattopadhyay



  • 14
  • DEC
  • 2020

Samir Bose

Died: 14th DECEMBER 2020
The Federation Hall society 1st floor Auditorium

  • 19
  • NOV
  • 2020

Narayan Chowdhury

Died: 19th NOVEMBER 2020
The Federation Hall society 1st floor Auditorium
Past Event

  • 31
  • Aug
  • 2020

Remembering Sri Pranab Mukherjee

Born: 11th DECEMBER 1935
Died: 31st AUGUST 2020
The Federation Hall society 1st floor Auditorium
Past Event

Historical Overview


India-Challenge and Response Unity in values

1905-1999 Part No:N/A

Economic Development in India

1961 Part No:N/A
Auther:Dr. Bhabatosh Datta

Main currents of political thinking in India

May 11th 1943 Part No:N/A
Auther:Dr. Naresh Chandra Roy

Lecture on Human Rights

N/A Part No: N/A
Auther:Dr. R.B. Pal, Nirmal C. Bhattacharya & Dr. P.C. Roychowdhury

Main currents of political Thinking in India

N/A Part No: N/A
Auther:Naresh Chandra Roy

The Evolution of Economic Thinking in India

N/A Part No:N/A
Auther:Bhabatosh Datta

Photo Gallery

Memorable Programme organized by the Society round the year snapped during performance besides Artistic pictures, half-bust statues and Portraits of eminent and religious reformer of the world, nations builders, ex-founder members and eminent members who left us for their Heavenly Abode.