Free Legal Aid
AAINI SEBA is rendered by the The Federation Hall Society in cooperation with the members of the Retired Judges Association, West Bengal. Free legal advice is given to the people in need of it. People confronted with any legal problem have free access to the AAINI SEBA of this Society. The members of the Association, who Constitute the Board in any unit of AAINI SEBA, counsel the people who seek advice to resolve their problems and try to guide them to find out the proper course to tackle the same. This is in accordance with the provisions of Article 39A of the Constitution of India which provides the concept of free and fair justice. The legal services Authorities Act, 1987 was enacted to give effect to the aforesaid Constitutional provision to the extent possible. The Aims and objects of Retired Judges Association includes, amongst others, making the wealth of legal knowledge and judicial experience of the members available to the Society at large. The AAINI SEBA of the Association is, in fact, an effort to translate these aims and objects into effects. Three retired members of Judicial Services and members of The Federation Hall society - Shri Dipak Kr. Chatterjee, Shri Haraprasad Chatterjee and Shri Himadri Guha Roy are presently conducting the sittings of AAINI SEBA on each Second and fourth Saturday of each month. Their journey to this end began in September, 2002, when their first unit of AAINI SEBA was inaugurated with the cooperation of BHARAT SEVASHRAM SANGHA which provided accommodation and others assistance in Besides giving free legal advice, the AAINI SEBA of the Association also, in suitable cases refer persons to the State District Legal Service Authority for necessary assistance as envisaged in the Legal Service Authorities Act.

Holding Literary programmes, Sahitya Sava
Holding Literary programmes, Sahitya Sava on contextual issues on own self and also in collaboration with outside organizations of repute. Such Sahitya Savas are regularly held on the 28th of each English calendar month at 5 P.M. in the Society’s auditorium and is open to all. People from the metropolis and suburban attend the Sava heartily to present their literary creations as to short stories, poetries, essays, songs. Meritorious and excelled ones are felicitated and awarded.

Holding of Seminars
Holding of Seminars on diverse subjects having impact on the social life

Special Orations
Special orations are held to perpetuate the memory of distinguished public figures of yester years.

Holding Cultural functions
Cultural functions like soirees on varied branches of music alone and in collaboration with other organizations of repute on special Occasions are heald.

Celebration of notable anniversaries of eminent personalities in different fields – national and international

School of Computer Education

Ladies’ Study Group

Weeklong Hindi Mela conducted by The Society in collaboration with Sanskriti Purnarnirman Samity

Language classes

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Hindi
  4. Spanish
  5. Sanskrit